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The PlacementAdvisor simplifies the recruitment process to a simple 4 step mechanism to identify, screen, shortlist and interact with the most suitable candidates right from the desk of the recruiter.

A brilliant and innovative solution to aid entry level recruitments. Evaluate a large number of candidates using a pre screen filter on college, course and marks, pick the most suitable ones using psychometric tools, get a standardized CV and have first level interactions via video interviews.

We offer a single work flow for candidates to apply, enter their CV details, take the psychometric assessment for behaviour match, take the other assessment for aptitude and subject matter proficiency, give a recorded video interview and apply for a particular post.

On your side; the jobs can be allocated for Recruiters, you get a standardised CV as per your format for each candidate (saves you from sifting through info); you get an instant score on the various tests; a behaviour graph of the candidate and a “SuitabilityIndex" for each job role. There is, of course, the recorded video interview based on role specific questions you may wish to put. All of this with an Admin console with which you can monitor the candidates and their status saving huge amount of time, money, travel and HR effort; adding efficiency to the recruitment process.

With over 75 years of cumulative experience in organizations like Infosys, Wipro, NIIT, PWC, KPMG, Standard Chartered etc, Our team has been directly and indirectly involved in mass hiring at all levels. We understand the challenges of mass recruitment and, more importantly, the after effects of such recruitment drives on productivity, motivation, team dynamics and manpower turnover. All of these have a cost including rehiring and retraining, which any company can do without.

Our solutions help in evaluating prospective candidates on their Behavioural Traits, Personalities, Interests, Values and a number of other parameters. This can then be mapped to various job profiles within the organisation to arrive at the suitability of the candidate for the roles. We believe this will have a beneficial effect on Employee Engagement and ultimately reduce Attrition.

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