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Psychometric Assessment-RecruitmentAdvisor

We have designed and developed a unique Psychometric Assessment called “RecruitmentAdvisor”. It has two distinct components. One is our “framework” and other is the “business application”.

The essence of Jung’s theory is, when our minds are active and we are awake, we are alternating between taking in information and making decisions in our internal and external worlds. Jung identified eight different patterns for how we carry out these mental activities commonly referred to as the function- attitudes, functions- in-attitude or the eight mental processes.

Our framework for RecruitmentAdvisor has been adapted on the principles of Carl Jung. The questions are designed to capture those eight mental processes and additional two traits that we thought are applicable in today’s scenario.

The business application of the RecruitmentAdvisor is our innovation. Team of our in-house psychologist, statisticians and industry practitioners have designed the algorithm which measures the deviation of various parameters from the “Ideal” parameters and convert them into an empirical value called “SuitabilityIndex” for facilitating decision-making.

Our report will clearly give indicators to the interviewer for the candidate the traits and subparameters where there is a significant deviation from the “Benchmark”. This will help the interviewer to probe in depth those elements and based on that negate or confirm those deviations and take appropriate decision for select/reject or fitment to the role among multiple choices available.